Brown Charms Basic Bracelet

Brown Charms Basic Bracelet

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Brown Charms! These are the new, exciting charms from Scheiße by Schamoni! Here you can order the unique basic bracelet with an exclusive 3-D carabiner! Especially for this new collection, our designers have decided to use a flexible 3-D carabiner. The carabiner turns with you with every movement and if you keep your hand still - the carabiner always stays perfectly where it should be! The Brown Charms Basic bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver and plated with an elegant layer of gold. It already has 2 charms on board, as they say in Hamburg. On the one hand the original Scheiße Charm and on the other hand the cheeky €89 Money Charm. So everyone can see from the charm how expensive their piece of jewelry was and does not have to ask.

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