Brown Charms High Society Bracelet
Brown Charms High Society Bracelet

Brown Charms High Society Bracelet

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The Brown Charms Complete Signature Bracelet "High Society"! This is the second and ultimate of our anniversary bracelets with all the charms combined! In principle, exactly the same as the Basic Bracelet with all Charms or the "Upper Class" Signature Bracelet complete, only the High Society Signature Bracelet has the €500 Money Charm! What that means? You have arrived - in the safe haven of St. Tropez, in the jet set, with the top 1! The €500 Money Charm not only opens doors, it also securely locks them behind you. A world of safety, beauty and infinity! The €500 Money Charm is the ultimate luxury and now everyone can finally see it: you are a winner! You've come a long way, a path that wasn't always easy, not down the broad road, no, YOU climbed up the stony path to receive the Holy Grail when you reached the top: the Top of the Tops €500 Money Charm! As of today, luxury is describable, understandable and unapproachable. Managers will sweep the driveway for you, rock stars will sing you a lullaby and star chefs will sweeten your snack break from the diving trip to the stars! Here you go with the rulers of the world, the universe a village. Nothing will be impossible anymore - Step into your new life XXXXXXXXXL!

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