“Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her !”

– Jesus (John 8:7)

Together with Asia Argento, a collection was created that deals with the 7 deadly sins. The idea for this collection came to me in a hotel room in Las Vegas at the beginning of 2016. Our mutual friend Adamski gave me her contact and I asked her to draw the 7 Deadly Sins. This collection was created from her drawings.

Sin is deeply human and has accompanied our culture since the beginning of time. But remember, it is not the whore who is the sinner, not the drunkards, homeless people or drug addicts, not the thieves who steal out of desperation, not the refugees who have to work illegally in the fields. The real sin is the destruction of the environment for profit, the resurgent populism, the ruthless production in low-wage countries, corporations without scruples, boundaries between people and the refusal of help

"Hell's hottest place is for those who remain neutral in times of crisis."

– Dante Alighieri


Laziness, letting the morning sun fall on your face, staggering, sleepily dawning into the day, wonderful. In the end, heave yourself out of the bathtub filled with red wine, because you don't feel like being bored anymore, with fresh ideas. One of my favorite sins.


Proud. If someone wants to defame you because of your skin color, your sexual orientation, your age, or anything else, be proud of your difference. What should such cretins be proud of? Attempting to hurt others?


Probably the most difficult and universal sin! Humans are made of flesh and blood. There is no love without lust, our desires drive us. As long as desire and sexual desire are consensual, everything is allowed!


Greed. Arguably the worst facet of this sin is stinginess. It leads to a standstill and is fuel to the mill of the populists. Stinginess is pure fear. Probably the most beautiful facet is curiosity, how life can long for knowledge, for education and enlightenment - against fear!


Envy, a sin that, when viewed through the lens, actually has to be the inspiration for so many things. Take a great building, a church, a rogue who thinks the builder didn't want to add one more thing to an already existing structure. But for heaven's sake, don't be jealous of the pathetic display of tasteless luxury goods - every meadow of flowers, every thunderstorm, even every rusty nail is more beautiful.


Anger, I want to have concentrated anger hammered through the speakers at my temples at a punk concert. That's where she belongs. Not to the theaters of war on earth!


Excessiveness, especially in times like these, you long for a shared feast, a fully laid table and that's right! But not every damn day, like an anthill gone wild, eating everything in its path.