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In his goldsmith's art, Jonathan Johnson interprets influences from high and pop culture, philosophy and politics, punk and luxury, fine arts and activism.

By fusing contradictory elements and motifs, Jonathan Johnson takes his craftsmanship and the attention to detail that goes with it to a contemporary level.

With great pleasure in tongue-in-cheek provocation, he creates unique works of art from a conceptual alloy that is not determined by its coloring and surface, but by interdisciplinary content. This attitude and way of working make each of his works a personal, political and artistic statement.

Jonathan Johnson designs and produces all works in his Hamburg studio. He only uses recyclable materials (sterling silver and gold) from a German refinery. His tools come from local manufacturers and he only uses green electricity.

In the heart of Hamburg, between Reeperbahn and Jungfernstieg, our factory is located in an old Wilhelminian style house. Here, state-of-the-art facilities merge with the know-how of centuries-old jewelry manufacturing techniques.

Our philosophy is to unite everything under one roof. From design to final production. With our own foundry and electroplating shop, we have managed to build a workshop that allows us to work as self-sufficiently as possible.

Our focus is on an environmentally friendly production method. We produce exclusively with recycled silver and gold alloys, which we obtain from a refinery in Germany. Our furniture, such as chains or clasps, also comes from a southern German supplier.

Each of our pieces of jewelry is lovingly handcrafted by our team in Hamburg and shipped all over the world.


- Production of high-quality individual pieces and wedding rings
- Reworking of pieces of jewelry (e.g. heirlooms)
- Small series production
- Retail collaborations

Our range of services knows almost no limits – talk to us.

A look behind the scenes

NDR visits Jonathan Johnson - watch now!

"Oliver Pfeiffer alias Jonathan Johnson combines precise craftsmanship and sometimes almost forgotten techniques with modern shapes, motifs and lettering. He makes rings with Star Wars stormtroopers, necklaces with provocative inscriptions that celebrities like Sophia Thomalla then make headlines with , but also fantastic works of art set in gold and diamonds, which the famous Belgian painter Luc Tuymans commissions from him, for example. In his studio and workshop on Poolstrasse in Hamburg's Neustadt, Jonathan Johnson works with his wife on forever new pieces of jewelry. Bela B. and Rocko Schamoni are also among his regular customers. He recently made a gold belt buckle for Heinz Strunk with the motif of the burning Hindenburg. The "Nordtour" portrays this exceptional blacksmith, who can be described as an artist and whose Italian great-uncle was once a painter at the Bauhaus in Dessau."
NDR North Tour 04/22/23


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