The street is called ST.Pauli

It's finally here - the cat is out of the bag: there's a new collaboration and we couldn't be more excited to finally introduce it to you:


True to the motto "The street carries St. Pauli" we have designed three distinctive ring models for the FC that both die-hard fans and St. Pauli lovers will not want to take off their fingers.

  • FCSP

Now available in the fan shops of FC St.Pauli, Reeperbahn and Millerntor, as well as from us.

Imagine a mysterious customer has a delicate order for you:

He needs an 18kt gold belt buckle with the image of the burning Hindenburg engraved on it. Made using an old Russian technique, the niello technique. The leather for the belt comes from a shipload from the two-master Metta Catharina. On his way from St. Petersburg to Genoa, loaded with hemp and leather, he was caught in a severe storm and sank off the coast of Plymouth. In 1973, divers came across the wreck at a depth of 30 m and were able to recover the leather because it was preserved by the silt. The finest of all leather has a distinctive color and was sold to selected master craftsmen worldwide with the approval of Prince Charles himself.

In 2023 it practically no longer exists. But the client doesn't want to be fooled and gives the goldsmith 10 days.

What the ominous customer doesn't know is that he is not alone, the renegade is preparing her merciless revenge.
Here you will find a link to Benjamin Klemann's website:

A film by Jonathan Johnson with Heinz Strunck and Aline Schmidt

The Burning Hindenburg

7 Deadly Sins

Our production

From design to finishing, everything takes place in our workshop in the heart of Hamburg. On the one hand, this saves us unnecessary shipping routes to external producers and, on the other hand, we only produce as much as is really needed.


We celebrate the modern school as an echo of the artistic big bang of the Bauhaus. A collection with the claim to create jewelry for eternity!



Angie Reed


Minimart x Jonathan Johnson

Love is the answer! Sterling silver friendship pendant.


Ovieschön x Jonathan Johnson

Sterling silver necklace pendant with 16 different stone balls


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