"Gentlemen, there is an alarming smell of corpses in Europe." -Paul Klee, 1933

These were Klee's farewell words after the Nazis banned him from working in 1933. Because of “political unreliability” and “degenerate art,” he was banned from teaching at the Düsseldorf Art Academy and his work was confiscated.
My great-uncle Alfredo Bortoluzzi studied with Klee at the Bauhaus in Dessau and he was also banned from painting in 1933. In 1943 they deported him to Auschwitz, a labor camp. He had to dig anti-tank ditches during the day and dance for the SS at night.

He survived and curated one of the first exhibitions of "degenerate art" in Germany in 1946.

In 2023 it smells like corpses again in Europe and all over the world.

With our collection we want to show the word "Anti Fascist" - bring it into the public eye again and again.
We want to integrate it freely and colorfully into our everyday lives. Best to put it in the mainstream. Everyone should see it and YES! say. Anyone who wants to be free and full of love. We dream of a world in which skin color, gender, origin and sexual orientation no longer play a role! In which the individual and his creative activity are seen and the freedom of all people is the highest good.

Anti-fascism is the opposite of barbarism, murder, torture and death.
Make it visible as you can and want, by all means, here and now!

Our sweaters and shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and Fairtrade certified.
They were screen-printed by the masterful hands of the textile printing craftsman and purveyor to the court since 1999, impressador Semi Gomez in Hamburg.

The parts are the finest goods!

Our deepest thanks also go to the wonderful people involved in the photo series:

Photography: Katja Ruge and Jonathan Johnson
Personalities photographed: Wikiriot and Aline Schmidt
Post production: Thorben Bantje