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Heart Ring

Heart Ring

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"Love is the end of eternity" sings Jochen Distelmeyer in the Blumfeld song "Because it is love". This line of text just won't let me go. The end of eternity. What does that mean? Actually, we wish for eternity - to be together forever, once we have found the right one - life without him/her seems meaningless to us. Like a diamond formed billions of years ago, it also stands for immortality and thus eternity for us because of its incredible hardness! Love is something positive, but perhaps like nothing else it shows us our own mortality. That is why it is so powerful. The reason for giving a diamond should be a reference to the happiness of the present. The moment, the moment - which one guards like one precious treasure. That is why we have developed a love ring in which the diamond rests inside a small heart, only visible to the wearer. The understatement of this ring - the precious one Keeping the stone hidden from where it was formed billions of years ago - fully aware that it is there - forever!

This piece of jewelery is only made when the order is placed and has a production time of approx. 4 weeks.

Since it is an individual custom-made product, there is no right to exchange or return.

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5-10 business days

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