Red Giant Quasicrystal Ring
Red Giant Quasicrystal Ring
Red Giant Quasicrystal Ring

Red Giant Quasicrystal Ring

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The Red Giant Quasicrystal is a very special ring. Cast in solid 18-carat red gold, it weighs around 17 grams. After casting, it is treated like a high-gloss ring and carefully polished. What is special are the fine lines that are drawn between the individual triangles and filled with black glass under the microscope. It is melted onto the gold at 850 degrees. Diamond burs are then used to gently smooth the ring's surrounding surfaces to further emphasize the accurate, black lines. The crowning glory is the setting of a champagne colored diamond measuring 4mm in diameter and weighing 0.26ct. The stone appears a bit like a chameleon in this hue, as it skilfully blends into the polished rose gold landscapes, only to flash like a sparkling giant with every ray of sunshine.

This piece of jewelery is only made when the order is placed and has a production time of approx. 4 weeks.

Since it is an individual custom-made product, there is no right to exchange or return.

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5-10 business days

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