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What?! Really?! OMG!
The King - Rocko Schamoni - has fulfilled a vision and, together with the Hamburg glasses brand Mapleton and Jonathan Johnson, has taken the word "glasses" and "shit" to a new level:
Please welcome the "Shitglasses" by Rocko Schamoni!
These groundbreaking sunglasses give you a whole new perspective on the world - and the world a new perspective on you!
The self-confident Scheische lettering - black on polished gold makes the new "Shitglasses" by Rocko Schamoni a festival of extravagance.
From now on, the calendar will be rewritten, even completely reinvented, because the future is ahead of you!
So grab it, take the freedom that belongs to you.
Karl Lagerfeld once said:
"My sunglasses are my burqa"
Rocko Schamoni says:
"My sunglasses are shit. Shit by Schamoni"

Glamorous detail: the glasses are made entirely of bio-acetate in Germany.

5 business days

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